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Hollywood execs, celebs and assistants spill the end of the best end of year gifts they receive

  • Executives, celebs, writers/directors and assistants talks about their favourite X-mas end of year gifts they've given/recieved.

  • Unfortunately and expectedly the best presents go to the celebs and executives while everyone else gets shafted. Read the full breakdown of gifts given depending on what your job is under the cut:

  • The executives got: art pieces, 10 speed bikes, a custom jersey, spa massages and caviar

  • Celebrities got: custom Balenciaga jean jackets, a vintage original Superman costume, a custom Louis Vuitton turntable, mini Lego figurines, champagne and a candle

  • Above the line crew like writers, showrunners and directors got: a care package from a high end noodle bar, a custom portrait, tour of a privately owned winery and a handwritten note of thanks (OP note: BOO!)

  • Film crew got: Custom hoodies, fragrances

  • Agents got: Alcohol, alcohol and alcohol.  Only if they were recovering alcoholics did they get something else, usually a gift certificate to Amazon, iTunes, or a restaurant

  • Assistants got: Bonus cash, time off, subscriptions to streaming services and designer handbags and jackets

  • Glam squad got: regifted designer bags, makeup products they like, handwritten cards (OP note: BOOx2!)

  • Household staff got: Cold hard cash, tickets for them and their family to attend a show or movie, and in one special case an acre of land (from Goldie Hawn)!


ONTD what are the best gifts you've given/received?

And how close are you to being done with your holiday shopping?
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