ONTD Original: Happy Bday Doctor Who! Top 10 moments of New Who.

Doctor Who turns 54 today, so let´s take a look at the Best 10 moments of New Who.

10. The 12th Doctor meets the 1st Doctor.

Peter Capaldi´s doctor feels a regeneration coming and when he wakes up after facing the Master his mind keeps going back to his old companions and friends, with a few callbacks he gets out of the TARDIS trying to stop his regeneration and he runs into the 1st doctor.

9. The Doctor finally salutes The Brigadier.

In a lovely nod to Nicholas Courtney, who played the Brigadier in Old Who, the 8th season finale had Missy turn every single dead person into a zombie cybermen. A plane exploded with the doctor and Kate Stewart, the brigadier daughter in it. Kate was eventually saved when The Brigadier, turn into a cybermen rescued her. A running joke during Old Who was that the doctor was always relunctant to salute The Brigadier and he did in his final act.

8. The TARDIS says 'Hello'

Season 6 had the heart of TARDIS take the form of a human being. Once she´s returning to her regular form she won´t be able to talk to the doctor again...so she says her final words: 'Hello Doctor, is very nice to meet you'

7. clara is the Impossible Girl.

We finally find out who Clara is. She fell into the Doctor's time stream and has been part of his life since way back when he stole the TARDIS in Gallifrey and has met every living incarnation. She was born to save the doctor. (surejan.gif)

6. Rose and the Doctor are separated forever

The 'death' of Rose was a big punch in the gut. She was in love with the doctor and got stuck in a parallel universe when they tried to throw the Daleks and the Cybermen into the void.

5. The Future of Doctor Who - An Adventure in Space and Time.

Technically not Doctor Who, but almost. In the movie documenting how Doctor Who came to be, William Hartnell knows his time as the Doctor is coming to an end, but he can't help looking towards the future of the show and he sees Matt Smith.

4. Eleven gets more regenerations

Before reaching his final regeneration, the time gods gave the doctor new regeneration energy. So 11 used it to fight the Daleks in Trenzalore. Leading to the end of Matt Smith's doctor. This was great cause a lot of people were wondering how the show was supposed to move on.

3. Ten Regenerates.

It was one of the saddest moments ever in DW. 10 knew a regeneration coming so he visited every single past companion. The Ood sang til he renegerated. 'I don´t wanna go' became an iconic phrase cause it represented how people were gonna miss David Tennant but also the love he had for the character.

2. Everything that happened in The Stolen Earth/Journey's End.

It was the end of the RTD era and with Doctor Who and 2 spin-offs on the air, they decided to make a giant crossover event, even before The Avengers and The CW did it. The episode made 10 reunite with all his former companions and join with the other two spin-off shows: Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures in an amazing show. Rose returned to 10, Jack also came back, the Doctor-Donna saved the day, Martha & Mickey met, Sarah Jane was alive, and even K9 joined the party! This one was of the greats!

1. No sir, all Thirteen

The 50th year anniversary gave us one of the most iconic Doctor Who moments. To lock Gallifray into a pocket of time and save them from the Daleks, 11, 10 and the War doctor join with all the other previous doctors, and even the 12th doctor, who made his first appearance in the show.

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ONTD, which is you fave Doctor Who moment?