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India's Deepika Padukone Beheading Threat Sounds Suspiciously Like A Publicity Stunt

The threat against Deepika convinced Padmavati’s financier and distributor Viacom 18 to back out of its December 1st release

Some observers are convinced that "the bounty offer was a craven publicity stunt concocted by Padmavati's producers. "

Because of its huge budget of $29 million, the period drama was in imminent danger of losing a small fortune because it wouldn’t have attracted enough filmgoers if released on December 1st

Some quotes from Forbes sources:

One writer-producer said:

“If this is true, it shouldn't take too much effort for [Ambani] to take a look at a risky proposition of a high budget movie like Padmavati, and think 'could we please have some controversy and free publicity'. Somebody close by is going to take the hint and make a few phone calls…

“Suddenly, there is a bounty on beheading Deepika Padukone, and an upping of the bounty amount from 5 Cr. to 10 Cr., by a BJP party member… There is a garish, glaring show of defiance, with some bringing swords to TV studios, to brandish their threats, all very benign and steeped in the need to save 'culture' of course!

"The BJP puts out a 'show cause notice' to the party worker, nothing more. Nobody takes the threat seriously, as it isn't coming from any dreaded organization known for any kind of violence, certainly not anyone who would [follow through on] a beheading threat.

"The sheer absence of serious law and order action against the rowdy elements should tell us not only that nobody takes those threats seriously, but looking just under the translucence of the situation, this couldn't have been staged better!"

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