Church of Scientology Tells Danny Masterson’s “Alleged” Victim That Men Can’t Rape Their Partners

Danny Masterson’s publicist Jenni Weinman is caught on tape saying Danny Masterson couldn’t rape someone he is in a relationship with. 79% of rape is by men known to the victim.

After filing a knowledge report on Danny Masterson for raping her, the Church of Scientology reportedly told Chrissie Bixler the same thing and threatened to declare her a “suppressive person” if she didn’t sign a document absolving Masterson of any wrongdoing or if she filed a police report.

Bixler also accuses Weinman of covering up Masterson’s alleged crimes. She’s also the publicist for Eric Balfour (he was Claire’s ugly boyfriend on Six Feet Under), Danny Masterson’s brother, Travis Barker, and some anti-vaxxer documentary that links vaccines to autism even though there is scientific evidence there’s no link between the two.