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Sofia Carson on TRL, talks new music and new album

• Talks about her latest song, "In's and Out's." She wrote the song with Julia Michaels ("Slumber Party" "Sorry" her own song "Issues"). Says the song is about "being unafraid to be vulnerable."

• Says she's working on her debut album but no official release date from Hollywood Records. Predicts an early 2018 release. (lol girl...)

• Would love to collaborate with Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran (girl...), and Eminem (love yourself).

• The "A Cinderalla Story: If the Shoe Fits" actress is working on two independent films next year.

• Carson (real surname: Daccarett Char) is currently enrolled in UCLA taking college courses while recording music and filming movies. Sofia: "Go Bruins!"

• Check out her latest single below.

oh wow, a multi-dimensional, OSCAR© attendee walking TALENT. Selena who? Miley quien?

ONTD, are you familiar with the talent that is Sofia Carson?

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3
Tags: actor / actress, disney, interview, music / musician (pop), nobody, television

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