ashley (littlemix) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Melissa Schuman, of girl group DREAM, blogs about her rape by Backstreet Boy Nick Carter

- Posted the blog on November 2 of this year, but didn't tweet about it until the 19th.

- Nick had originally shown interest in her when Dream was shooting their This is Me (Remix) video and had label reps arrange for a phone call meeting between them. She had a boyfriend at the time but talked to him over the phone in front of reps just to make them happy.

- A few years later, they were cast in the same TV movie: The Hollow. She was 18, he was 22.

- He invited her over to his apartment on their day off to hang out with him and a friend. She also took a friend with her. He got her alone to listen to new music in his office. They kissed and when she said she didn't want to go further, he forced himself on her.

She goes into more detail on her blog if anyone is interested in reading it, but it is triggering.

source 1 source 2
Tags: 2000s, backstreet boys, scandal, sexism
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