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HDD comes for Billboard for reporting inaccurate numbers for Taylor Swift's reputation

• The official Billboard numbers for Taylor Swift's "Reputation" are in and Hits Daily Double is not happy.

• HDD's number put Reputation with sales of 1.29m while Billboard put Swift with around 1.26m.

• They go on to say this proves how out of touch Billboard's head John Amato and his team are and that "they took their eye off the ball during a crucial moment for the entire industry—because they didn’t care."

• HDD adds, "If they did care, they would’ve done the work to find out what really happened with the year's most eagerly awaited album, considering the importance of an accurate count to one of the industry's hugest stars, her label or the biz at large."

• The "Getaway Buick" songstress, Taylor Swift herself and her team at Big Machine are upset about these numbers as well, according to HDD.

• HDD is asking for Amato and his team's resignation because "Billboard isn't in the music business."

the numbers simply do not add up. i demand a recount.

ONTD, did you purchase a copy of reputation?

Tags: music / musician, ratings / charts, scandal, taylor swift, what is the truth, you in danger

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