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G-Eazy Collaborates with his Girlfriend Halsey on "He & I" for new album

• Worked with his girlfriend Halsey on the "Bonnie and Clyde" love song, "Him & I." The new song is off his forthcoming album "The Beautiful & Damned," due out December 15th.

G-Eazy on the song and Halsey: "We made the record and it came from a really genuine, authentic place, and I think when music comes from a place like that, is when music is at its best. That's a Bonnie and Clyde song, that's a star-crossed lovers song, that's a crazy in love, like, we would kill for each other, we would die for each other kind of thing."

He adds: "She's a really special person. A really beautiful person, a really beautiful artist, and she just sounds good on everything. I'm just obsessed with her."

ONTD, are you currently dating?

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