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New Barbra Streisand Interview on Touring, Netflix, and Current Sexual Assault Scandals

-Barbra Streisand is currently doing press to promote her new Netflix special which starts streaming on November 22, 2017.

-She says that she has no plans to ever tour again, "No I would never do another show. It’s exhausting."

-When asked about what she watches on Netflix, she responded, "I love things like The Crown. I love that. And the fact is my husband (James Brolin) and I are kind of binge watchers. I remember when we first got Homeland or something, somehow I got a hold of like eight of the shows — my God, we just watched those till the morning. It’s hard to wait for a week. So we love it."

-On the many sexual assault allegations that have come out this year she responded, "I mean, right before I took your call I’m watching MSNBC and a woman is talking about another assault victim of Roy Moore . . . Women were frightened. What do you say? What do you say to a man that’s touching you inappropriately? Or (the women are) afraid to lose their jobs or whatever. It’s a conundrum, you know. And now they have the support of other women so they’re speaking out."

-You can read more at the source

Have you ever seen Barbra live, ONTD? Are you sad she's not touring any more? I am.

Source: YouTube / Source: Toronto Star
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