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Youtube Makeup Guru Drama: Jeffree Star Apparently No Longer Friends With MannyMUA and Laura Lee

Over the past few weeks or so, rumors have been going around about Jeffree Star no longer being friends with MannyMUA and Laura Lee, his supposed "best friends" in the world.

-Jeffree's boyfriend unfollowed Manny and Laura on social media and they unfollowed him back.

-Neither Laura nor Manny said happy birthday to Jeffree on his birthday, but Manny went out of his way to wish a happy birthday to a random person. Jeffree later confirmed on Twitter that Manny hadn't called him and told a fan to stop defending someone (Manny) who "doesn't give a shit about you."

-The ~rumor mill~ says that the reason behind the breakup is Jeffree choosing not to financially back Laura and Manny's future makeup lines. Laura's recent eyeshadow palette (which was supposedly shipped and manufactured by Jeffree's facility) apparently underperformed. After seeing that, Jeffree decided to not back her future releases or Manny's makeup line. The two got salty and decided to cut ties.

-Manny and Jeffree have both been liking shady tweets about the situation.

-Jeffree collaborated with Manny this year on products for his own brand. Manny supposedly stole his logo for the collab from Blackmoon Cosmetics, which resulted in Jeffree's company getting sued and him having to pay the settlement.

-Jeffree's bought both Manny and Laura and shit ton of stuff over the years and taken them on a bunch of vacations.

After the Instagram account trendmood1 leaked details about Laura Lee's upcoming collaboration with Colourpop, Jackie Aina tweeted this:

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Tags: beauty / makeup, internet celebrities

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