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ONTD Original: 10 Facts About Classic Actresses Sharmila Tagore and Elizabeth Taylor

These actresses never had formal training and got their start in the industry when they were still in school. When they entered the entertainment industry it was still looked down upon to be an actress. Elizabeth and Sharmila were practical about their careers and called it like they saw it.

Sharmila Tagore
by special request
“I kept telling myself I’d quit after every film. I saw myself in my first Hindi film Kashmir Ki Kali and I didn’t like myself. I said, one more film and I’m done. But it continued.”

Under the encouragement of her father, Gitindranath Tagore, Sharmila reluctantly stuck with her acting career. That eventually paid off as she became one of Bollywood’s most notable and controversial actresses.

1) Was the first Indian actress to appear on film wearing a bikini and told “” the mindset towards bikinis hasn’t changed much in India
2) She also posed for a magazine in a bikini and caused such a huge scandal that Parliament discussed it
3) Directors tried to get her to change her hair from her bouffant style, but she refused to listen
4) Married Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi who supported her bikini pictures
5) While at her husband’s grave site she was approached by fans looking for an autograph
6) Said that during her time, working women had to apologize for not being home to take care of the children
7) Won the “National Award” for her film “Mausam”
8) She wanted to be a dancer more than an actress
9) Former leader of the “Indian Film Censor Board”
10) Told “The Hindu” publication, she believes films that are manipulative or promote stereotypes are more dangerous than overtly sexual or violent films.

Elizabeth Taylor
“I was nine when I made my first films in Hollywood. I was used from the day I was a child, and utilized by the studio. I was promoted for their pockets. I never felt that they were a haven. I've always been very much my own person. I had my own mother and father — they were my family, not the bloody studio.”

Elizabeth was ushered into the film business by her mother when they moved to America. She was not well-received at first because casting agents felt her look was “too serious” in comparison to stars like Shirley Temple. But once she was hired for the right role her character began to take its shape. Elizabeth became one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women. Known for her natural “violet” eye color and double rowed eyelashes (a product of mutation), she quickly became a studio favorite. Off stage, Elizabeth was head-strong and didn’t take much crap from anyone. In the media she was portrayed full as a symbol of luxury and sophistication

1) Described old Hollywood as one big factory
2) At age 15, she told big time film producer, Louis B. Mayer, to “go to hell!” after he screamed and yelled at her mother.
3) The studio wanted to change her name to “Virginia” and pluck her eyebrows thin. Elizabeth and her mother refused.
4) Her home life was considered “liberal” in comparison to the other wealthy English families.
5) Her lawyer told her that in order to sue author Kitty Kelley for publishing unauthorized biography of Elizabeth, she’d have to read the book and pick out everything that was false
6) She was an activist against AIDS
7) At 18 year’s old, she married Conrad Hilton (yes, of Hilton Hotels). The marriage was a disaster and wasn't consummated until the third night due to Conrad being drunk and gambling their entire honeymoon.
8) One of her biggest love scandals involved an affair with the best friend of her dead husband, Eddie Fisher (father of Carrie Fisher). Long story short Elizabeth announced that Eddie never loved his wife, Debbie Reynolds (who at the time was America’s sweetheart), and the marriage wasn’t broken up because it was never happy. Eddie Fisher made a statement corroborating Elizabeth’s words. The affair shocked the public as Eddie and Debbie seemed like the “dream couple”.
9) Hedda Hopper, a gossip columnist and a big supporter of Elizabeth, was furious that Elizabeth outed the affair after Hedda foolishly backed her up that nothing was going on. She wrote a revenge piece and used a misquote that followed Elizabeth for many years.
10) Won two Academy Awards for “Best Actress” and was honored by the Film Society of Lincoln Center

Two actresses that took roles they wanted and scandalized the media. They never gave up their personal identities for the sake of their careers.

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