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ONTD Original: My top ten movies that I love and also think every singlepersononthisplanetshouldsee!


So this is my top ten favorite movie list, I know most top ten list are filled with like..super serious movies but who decided that your favorite movie list have to be filled with only serious movies Titanic or Schindler's List. So this list is a combination of movies that I LOOOVE + movies I can watch over and over again, without ever getting tired of them.

hope you like it.


10. Whip It (2009)

Why I love it: Okay, so Ellen Page is one of my favorite actresses so ofc I have to have a movie starring her, while I do enjoy her other work (except Juno fucking hate that movie) Whip It is not only my favorite Ellen Page movie but also one of those movies I just love to watch, I don't really know how many times I have seen this film, it's perfect the only bad thing about this movie is that Jimmy Fallon is in it.

About: Bliss Cavender, a seventeen year old girl living in the town of Bodeen, Texas, is sick of her mother's obsession with her competing in beauty pageants. When shopping in Austin for new shoes, Bliss picks up a leaflet for an all girls roller derby team and decides to try it out. She finds herself a natural and decides to join the team. With the help of her best friend Pash, can she navigate love, friendship, lies, all without her parents finding out?



9. Lars and the Real Girl (2007)

Why I love it: I don't know how I came across this movie, maybe I saw it on film_stills and downloaded it? Anyway, I really love this movie because 1. Good Acting 2. Have Patricia Clarkson in it. I just think it such a cute, enjoyable film to watch.

About: In this comedy, Lars Lindstrom is an awkwardly shy young man in a small northern town who finally brings home the girl of his dreams to his brother and sister-in-law's home. The only problem is that she's not real - she's a sex doll Lars ordered off the Internet. But sex is not what Lars has in mind, but rather a deep, meaningful relationship. His sister-in-law is worried for him, his brother thinks he's nuts, but eventually the entire town goes along with his delusion in support of this sweet natured boy that they've always loved.


8. Mean Girls (2004)

Why I love it: Okay to be honest this list could be filled with ''chic-flicks'', but in the end it was between three movies, Mean Girl , Heathers and Legally Blonde. But as you can see, it was Mean Girls I chose, why? Well because it just part of my child hood, I always rented this movie with my friend (lol one of my friends wrote inside the dvd cover that this was the best movie ever) so youknow this movie had to be on my list.

About: Cady Heron is a cultural blank slate when she first sets foot on the grounds of North Shore High School in a small town outside of C hicago, Illinois. After living in Africa, Cady has no idea how "wild" things can be in civilization until she crosses paths with one of the meanest species of all, the "Queen Bee," who at this school is the cool and calculating Regina George. But Cady doesn't just cross paths with this Queen Bee--she really stings her when she falls for Regina's ex-boyfriend Aaron Samuels. Now Regina is set to sting back by pretending to still like Aaron so he won't go out with Cady, all the while pretending to be her friend. With no choic e but to use the same M.O. to stay in the game, the "Girl World" one-upmanship escalates until the entire school gets dragged into a first-class mean-fest.


7. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)

Why I love it: In Sweden Charlie the Duck is named Kalle Anna (Kalle Duck) and when I saw this movie at home (I assume it was taped from tv and not bought) it was named Kalle och chokladfabriken (Kalle and the Chocolate Factory) so I thought this movie was gonna be about Kalle Anna (charlie the duck) and oh boy was I surprised when I turned this movies on! I just immediately fell in love with it. Everything about this movie is just great (except that boring as song Charlies mother sang, I always fast forward that part) #alsofuckgrandpajoe

About: Young Charlie Bucket (Peter Ostrum) wins one of the coveted 'Golden Tickets' from a Wonka Bar that allows its holder to take a trip around the eccentric Willy Wonka's (Gene Wilder) Chocolate Factory. Charlie and the rest of the winners find themselves in a magical world of chocolate rivers, Oompa Loompas, everlasting gobstoppers, lickable wall-paper, golden egg-laying geese and chilling tales to warn children not to misbehave. Roald Dahl wrote the screenplay from his own book.


6. Amélie (2001)

Why I love it: This movie is just my type of movie. I just simply love this film (sorry but I fucking suck at expressing myself)

About: Amelie Poulain has led a sheltered life - educated at home by over-protective parents, she retreats into a fantasy world of her own. When she finally leaves home and finds work as a waitress in a Parisian café, life is pretty uneventful until a chain of extraordinary events leads her to the discovery of a tin box containing a schoolboys long forgotten mementos. It is then that Amelie discovers her true vocation in life helping others find love and happiness which she sets about in her own unique and magical way. When Amelie falls in love herself, she realizes that making neat solutions in not as easy as it seems...

The Aviator

5. The Aviator (2004)

Why I love it: Leo is honestly one of my favorite male actors, I know he have done shitload of great movies but The Aviator is just my favorite one + Cate Blanchett is in it too. One time I watch the whole movie and when it ended I literally just re-watch it again, that's how much I love this movie!

About: Biopic of billionaire Howard Hughes, starting with his early filmmaking years as owner of RKO studios but mostly focusing on his role in designing and promoting new aircraft. Hughes was a risk-taker spending several fortunes on designing experimental aircraft and eventually founding TWA as a rival to Pan AM airlines owned by his great rival Juan Trippe. When Trippe's politico Senator Ralph Owen Brewster accuses Hughes of being a war profiteer, it's Hughes who gains the upper hand. Hughes also had many women in his life including a long relationship with actress Katharine Hepburn. From an early age however, Hughes was also germophobic and would have severe bouts of mental illness.

mrs fox

mmrs fox

4. Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

Why I love it: I love Wes Anderson movie, I know his not everyones cup of tea but even if you hate his movies you have to see this anyway, it's great! It's supercute and really entertaining!

About: It is the story of one Mr. Fox and his wild-ways of hen heckling, turkey taking and cider sipping, nocturnal, instinctive adventures. He has to put his wild days behind him and do what fathers do best: be responsible. He is too rebellious. He is too wild. He is going to try "just one more raid" on the three nastiest, meanest farmers that are Boggis, Bunce and Bean. It is a tale of crossing the line of family responsibilities and midnight adventure and the friendships and awakenings of this country life that is inhabited by Fantastic Mr. Fox and his friends.


3. Porco Rosso (1992)

Why I love it: Okay you can't have top ten without a Studio Ghibli film in it. Even though I love Spirited Away and Whisper of the Heart, but Porco Rossa is just my nr.1 film. If you haven't seen it you are missing out, so go see it!

About: In Early 1930's era Italy air pirates, bounty hunters and high fliers of all sorts rule the skies. The most cunning and skilled of these pilots is Porco Rosso. A former Ace, he now makes a living flying contract jobs, such as rescuing those kidnapped by air pirates. Donald Curtis, Porco's rival in the air and in catching the affections of women, provides a constant challenge to the hero, culminating in a hilarious, action packed finale.


2. Girl, Interrupted (1999)

Why I love it: If you have seen this movie you know why it's on here and if you haven't, well that you own fucking problem, sorry!

About: Unable to cope with reality and the difficulty that comes with it, 18 year old Susanna, is admitted to a mental institution in order to overcome her disorder. However, she has trouble understanding her disorder and therefore finds it difficult to tame, especially when she meets the suggestive and unpredictable Lisa.


1. Death Proof

Why I love it: Okay not to sound like a white guy but Tarantino is one of my favorite movie directors I love every single film he've made! At first I thought about adding Inglourious Basterds, but then I thought NO! Death Proof is my favorite Tarantino movie! And I know shit load of his fans claim it's one of his worst, but I think we all know that just bunch of misogynist assholes who can't handle a movie filled with female characters.

About: In Austin, Texas, the girlfriends Julia, Arlene and Shanna meet in a bar to drink, smoke and make out with their boyfriends before traveling alone to Lake LBJ to spend the weekend together. They meet the former Hollywood stuntman Mike, who takes Pam out in his "death-proof" stunt car. Fourteen months later, Mike turns up in Lebanon, Tennessee and chase Abernathy, Zoë and Kim, but these girls are tough and decide to pay-back the attack.

Honorable Mentions: Before Sunrise, Mulan, Goodfellas, Fishtank, Wristcutters: A Love Story, Hot Fuzz, Pan's Labyrinth & like 99% of all movies that counts as ''chic-flicks''

source: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

what's you top ten movie list??
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