Black feminist writer cut ties with Lena Dunham's newsletter and exposes her racist clique

- Black feminist writer Zinzi Clemmons posted a statement on Twitter calling out Lena Dunham and explaining why she decided to cut ties with Lenny Letters, the newsletter run by Lena and Jenni Konner.

- She has known Lena since university. According to her, Dunham always ran in liberal racist circles full of wealthy privileged kids (most had parents in the arts world).

- Lena's reaction to Aurora's rape was traumatizing to her because it was similar to what one of her best friends in college went through when she was abused by someone who was part of Dunham's circle.

- The abuse was never addressed and the guy still is part of the same circles and has a powerful job. Back then, her friend decided not to report it because she didn't want to be exposed to more trauma, which would surely come from facing those wealthy kids.