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Russell Simmons allegedly sexually assaulted a model while Brett Ratner watched

- Model Keri Claussen Khalighi is accusing Russell Simmons of sexually assaulting her. Simmons forced the model to perform oral sex on her after she rejected his forced attempt to have sex. The model went to take a shower only for Simmons to enter and force anal penetration on her.
- Keri states that she asked the filmmaker, Brett Ratner, for help but he did nothing and watched Simmons force himself on her. Brett himself is also facing multiple accusations from women in the industry.
- The model told Simmons she wanted to come forward and Simmons repeatedly texted and called her. He texted her and told her he was in a really “scary place” if she had time.
- Both Ratner and Simmons are denying the allegations. Simmons is saying that everything that happened was “consensual” between the two while Ratner doesn’t remember.
- Terry Crews also provides receipts that show Russell Simmons asking him to forgive the agent who groped him and ask for him to be reinstated.

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Tags: models, scandal, sexism

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