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One Tree Hill Cast + Crew Detail Mark Schwahn's Harassment

- Hilarie Burton struggled with Mark's desire to sexualise her character.
- Mark decided around season three that she was his 'Muse'.
- Forced himself on her twice, kissing her on the mouth against her will. Also touched her inappropriately in the presence of his wife.
- Pushed her to the forefront of the show and positioned himself as a 'mentor'. Later realises she was being groomed as 'bait'.
- Encouraged new female actresses to befriend Hilarie so that he could draw them into his 'orbit'.
- Pitted the women against each other, was verbally abusive, and spread false rumours about relationships he claimed to have with female cast members. (One of them being Danneel)
- A former writer, Michelle Furtney-Goodman, said that he 'forced her head down between his knees, balanced a soda can on her head, and joked about her peforiming oral sex'.
- Anonymous actress said she had to push him away after he pulled her between his thighs. This happened in front of crew.
- One anonymous actress told him to stop touching women and he threatened her job. Hilarie told him to stop touching her when they were filming in Texas, and he later screamed at her for half an hour.
- Stood outside Danneel's apartment for hours during season 5 and would not leave, until she threatened to call police.
- Hilarie stated the experience had a negative impact on her career, as she was too afraid to audition for showrunners that she didn't know or be locked into a long-term contract.
- Mark Schwahn still hasn't commented.

there's so much more at the source but jfc. he's fucking disgusting.
Tags: scandal, sexism, television

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