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ONTD Original: 10 Facts About Actresses Waheeda Rehman and Itatí Cantoral

Talent and beauty all rolled in one. We take a look at two women that played characters so well they became household names.

Itatí Cantoral
¡Maldita lisiada!

Itatí is a multi-talent from Mexico, best known for her role in "María la del Barrio". Her character has been re-popularized in the form of a meme. "(Insert action) in Spanish" and other variations.

1) Her father was composer Roberto Cantoral
2) Was a student of the Centro de Educación Artística de Televisa (An educational entertainment institution)
3) The year of 1993 gave her a bigger role in "Dos mujeres un camino"
4) Her portrayal as "Soraya Montenegro", became one of the most famous villains in telenovela history.
5) Itatí and her ex-husband, Eduardo Santamarina, were students at the Centro de Educación Artística de Televisa
6) Won a TVyNovelas Award for "Best Lead Actress"
7) Took a stage role portraying Frida Kahlo
8) She has two children with her ex-husband
9) So far has been in 28 films
10) Her debut was in "La Telaraña"

Waheeda Rehman
“When I am watching my films, I think I could have done this scene better and I tend to criticise myself. I have liked myself in bits and parts.”

Waheeda became a favorite Bollywood actress in 50s and 70s. She was famous due to wide range of roles she played. Her performances were generally well-received by critics and audiences. Her beauty and personality won the hearts of those in and out of the industry.

1) A talented Bharatanatyam dancer
2) Director, producer, and actor Guru Dutt helped Waheeda gain more success
3) Despite the failure of "Kaagaz ke Phool", Waheeda was critically acclaimed for her part in the film
4) Marketed a brand of breakfast cereal
5) She had a clause in her contract she would not change her name and she would approve all costumes
6) Has never spoken about the nature of her relationship with Guru Dutt
7) Said this generation of actresses are smart when it comes to perfecting their beauty
8) The snake dance in "GUIDE" took a long time to rehearse, but is precious to her
9) Friends and co-workers tried to talk her out of playing a negative character in "GUIDE"
10) She likes films by Anurag Basu, sanjay Leela Bhansali, and Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra

Itatí and Waheeda, icons that excelled at bringing life into memorable characters.

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