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Call Me By Your Name Director Luca Guadagnino on Armie Hammer, sequels

-Wanted to cast Armie as Oliver since The Social Network.
-On Armie Hammer's reluctance take on the role: “I’m scared about this role.” Why? “I don’t know. I’m scared.” I told him, “If you’re scared, it might mean that you want something.” Which could sound like a sleazy way of approaching somebody, but the truth is that fear and desire are the polarizing elements of most of our actions. I think Armie wanted to have that fear and act it out.
-On what convinced him to include the peach scene: I tried to put the deboned peach on me and it actually worked, it wasn’t just a metaphor! So I threw the peach away, composed myself, and went to Timothée and told him, “Timmy, I tried the peach myself, and it works. We can film the scene.” And he goes, “Of course it works! I tried it myself as well.”
[spoiler!]On there not being an Elio/Oliver having sex scene: We shot some things, but one thing is important to say: We didn’t have any limitations. I also think it may be my unconscious knowledge that many gay films pride themselves on being explicit. It’s almost like a subgenre!
-He wants to do five CMBYN movies (whoaaaaa what)
-Started thinking about the sequels at Sundance "because I didn’t complete realize until then that they were characters who could go beyond the boundaries of the film."
-Doesn't think a sequel would take away from the ending of Call Me By Your Name. "It would not remove the power of the final shot of this film, because that is about him being 18. What we would see in the sequel is him being 25."

Tags: film - romance, film director, interview
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