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ONTD Original: 10 Facts About Sex Icons Isabel Sarli and Zeudi Araya

These two bombshells were well-known for their lusty soft core films. Favored by certain directors

Isabel Sarli
by special request
"Isabel Sarli squeezes more sexual frisson into the space between breathing in and breathing out than most of us could spread over a lifetime of ordinary love-making." -Roger Greenspun (Journalist and film critic)

Hailing from Argentina, Isabel captivated audiences in the genre called "sexploitation". She was called "the cleanest star of cinema" for all her sexy water scenes. She did not break into North America, but became a scandalous sensation in South America. She has since retired from acting.

1) Most of her films were directed, written, and co-starred by her lover Armando Bo
2) She and Armando filmed 27 movies together
3) During that time, the censorship board in Argentina butchered Isabel's films
4) Shy Isabel started drinking whiskey to get through all the nude scenes
5) Named "Ambassador of Popular Argentine Culture" by former President of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner
6) First woman in Argentina to do frontal nudity on film
7) She appeared in American Playboy magazine
8) Her films were considered so outrageous that criminal charges were established and Armando sometimes spent a weekend in jail
9) Scenes for Isabel's films were sometimes shot twice and she participated in a hunger strike battling censors.
10) Arguably her most notable film is 1969's "Fuego"

Zeudi Araya
"Zeyds, you bring me luck." - Franco Cristaldi (Famous Italian producer)

The Eritrean-Italian beauty became a star in blaxploitation films. She has also retired from acting, but continues work as a producer. One of the most notable black women in Italian films alongside Carla Brait, Laura Gemser, Beryl Cunningham, and Ines Pellegrino.

1) Grew up speaking Italian due to Italy's colonization of Eritrea (Eritrea gained independence in 1991)
2) Becoming Miss Ethiopia allowed her to travel to Italy
3) She was only 16, but lied that she was 18 to participate in the beauty pageant
4) Studied at the Institute Vittorio Bottego in Italy
5) Model for painter Renato Guttuso
6) Starred in a coffee ad
7) Was a favorite of director Luigi Scattini
8) Her films cause such a scandal that people in her country of origin complained to her father
9) She met many industry connections at cafes in Italy.
10) Starred in her final film "La Ragazza Fuori Strada" in 1973

Two women who became more than just "hot bodies". They are a part of cinematic history.

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