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Lil Peep Fans Help Identify Woman Who Gave Rapper Lethal Drugs

* Follow up to this post.
* Fans of deceased rapper Lil Peep are searching for a woman who may have given Peep the drugs he overdosed on.
* Goth Boi Clique member Mackned got in contact with a group of fan that could hook them up with drugs for the night.
* The woman, her brother, and her friend told Mackned that they would bring Xanax, joints, wax, and pods.
* It's thought that this were the drugs Lil Peep bragged about taking on Instagram hours before his death.
* The girl messaged out in a fan group chat that Lil Peep passed out from the drugs and wasn't responsive. She later admitted that she brought the drugs before removing herself from the group chat.
* Fans are now trying to doxx the girl so that the police can find her.
* She has allegedly been taken into custody.

I tried not to reveal the identify of the girl since that's not my place and twitter might have gotten the wrong person. But apparently she and her brother are famous fans and Peep has tweeted about them before. :(
Source: 1, 2
Tags: death, music / musician, music / musician (rap and hip-hop), music / musician (rock)
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