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Tattoo Shop Offers Free Brand New Tattoo Removal Amid Jesse Lacey Scandal

Following the accusations of sexual misconduct of Jesse Lacey from Brand New, one tattoo shop has taken some great action to help fans and survivors.
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In Manchester, UK, Harriet Heath of Tooth and Talon Tattoo shop is offering tattoo removal on Dec 2 of any Brand New tattoos fans have in exchange for donations to Rape Crisis England and Wales.
They're also giving priority to survivors of sexual assault themselves, adding "I would like to give priority on this day to those who have been affected by sexual assault, for whom this news causes extra pain to. When you contact me you can simply add a #metooto the email and I will do my best to fit you in on the day."

The remainder of December, they will discount removal rates on these tattoos.

Media outlet Alternative Press, who published initially the allegations about Jesse also responded to some people on Twitter saying they're investigating the situation, after screenshots and evidence from the original survivor's story came forth...there's even a Twitter account dedicated to researching the Jesse allegations for some reason, and there actually seems to be some troubling evidence that potentially exposes the creeps of a few other bands as well that this girl associated with, and they're the ones you've already heard rumors about.

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