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Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner cancels more events following sexual harassment allegations

-It broke last week that Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner allegedly told an employee: "You owe it to me to let me see you naked."
-Events promoting his new book in Santa Monica, Portland, and Seattle have been cancelled.
-Last week, Weiner denied the allegations. Cancelled an interview when told the allegations would be brought up. Other venues on his book tour chose to cancel his appearances.
-The Mad Men cast and crew remains silent.

-The book deals with themes of rape and murder, involving a teenage girl who some critics have said is not a fully realized character but a "pawn" in a game of toxic masculinity between the adult male protagonist and adult male antagonist.

-Weiner, on the inspiration for the novel: "The story comes from me witnessing a young girl walking into a building and a construction worker seeing [and ogling] her, and me thinking, ‘What if her dad had seen that?’"

Jesus fucking Christ.

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He's got that new Amazon series coming out (which he directs the entirety of, and which Christina Hendricks is starring in) and they just fired Weinstein from the project, so I'm sure they're working overtime to ensure these particular allegations get less attention compared to some of the others.
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