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LA repertory theater/hipster celeb hang-out Cinefamily closes doors for good

In summary:
-In August, LA repertory theater and celeb-frequented spot Cinefamily (whose board includes Elijah Wood, Brie Larson, and Richard Linklater, amongst others) was temporarily shut down amid sexual assault allegations against Hadrian Belove and other board members.
-Rather than fully shutting down, Cinefamily discreetly ran secret screenings employing some of the same volunteers.
-Cinefamily hired an investigator to look into the sexual assault claims as well as set up a "confidential" hotline for employees to call into - former employees allege that this investigator trained at the same agency as the one Weinstein hired to silence his own accusers.
-"Black Card" members (aka the theater's shareholders who received special screenings, privileges, etc, in exchange for a monthly "donation") were still being charged for membership as late as November despite the theater being "closed" in August. In response to mounting frustrations as well as threats of possibly pursuing legal action, Cinefamily deleted the Facebook group for Black Card members - after they had promised to reimburse them.
-Cinefamily now claims it cannot pay the members owed. However, the co-owners (as well as members of the previous board) are pursuing future renovations at the theater.
-Filmmaker Anna Biller (The Love Witch) alleges that Cinefamily still has not paid her for screenings. ('The Love Witch' screened at Cinefamily back in January 2017.)

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ONTD, have you ever been a founder of FYF fest who feigned bankruptcy to escape both moral and financial responsibilities?
Tags: brie larson, elijah wood, flop, scandal, sexism, theft, true crime
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