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pixar's coco is breaking box office records in mexico

+ Pixar's new animated film "Coco" has been released only in Mexico so far. It debuted on October 27th just in time for Dia de Muertos and has taken in 824 million pesos so far — or $43.1 million dollars.

+ In just 19 days it's expected to pass the mark of 827 million pesos grossed by “The Avengers” during its entire run in 2012. It also destroyed "Thor Ragnarok" in the box office battle and has held the #1 spot for three consecutive weeks.
+ "Coco" also broke two other records and it's now the #1 animated film in Mexican history ("Toy Story 3" held the record) and the movie with the most tickets sold overall with more than 17 million people in attendance ("Minions" was the former #1).

+ Additionally, director Lee Unkrich has stated that the film will be available with the original Mexican dub + English subtitles and English dub with Spanish subtitles in selected venues in the US.

+ The film is also retaining the Latin American dub for the release in Spain.

+ “Coco” opens Nov. 22 in the U.S., followed by China on Nov. 23, and Russia on Nov. 24. The film is currently rated at 96% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Tags: animation, box office, diego luna / gael garcia bernal, disney
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