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ONTD Original: 10 Facts About Legends Josephine Baker and Iris Chacón

Both these women have broke boundaries during their time. They built their legacies selling out numerous performances and became icons for future entertainers.

Iris Chacón
“I was just a little girl in the body of a woman, dancing and being happy,” Chacón said. “But it was a difficult decade. Because in the decade of the 70’s women were still conservative in their dress, and men were authoritarian and machista. There had never been in Puerto Rico a Vedette [a French word meaning a multi-talented dancer] with my style.”

Hailing from Puerto Rico, she became known for her glamorous style, ample butt, and backup male dancers. Iris took the television world by storm. She found success in business accomplishments and has continued to perform for fans to this day.

1) First Latin artist to perform and sell out at Radio Music Hall in New York for 3 years back to back.
2) First female independent producer in Puerto Rico
3) Starred in a TV commercial for automotive coolant, which landed her on the front page of the Wall Street Journal
4) Told NBC News she used lighting to enhance her curves. But now she loves to use apps for body "corrections".
5) Attended the University of Puerto Rico
6) The Iris Chacón Show had top prime time ratings in New York, Miami, and Chicago
7) Had a radio program called, "Iris Chacón Live"
8) Feels she was born fighting against the odds when her mother tried to self-abort her
9) Had a guest appearance on the children's program "Gullah Gullah Island"
10) Starred in the 1975 film, "Eva, ¿qué hace ese hombre en tu cama?"

Josephine Baker
"I have two loves," the artist once said, "my country and Paris."

Josephine became the most successful black female entertainer in Europe. She captivated audiences with her famed banana skirt dance, to which Beyonce paid tribute. She eventually gave up her American citizenship for France.

1) Grew up cleaning houses and minding children for rich white families
2) Was married at the age of 13 and 15, divorced both times
3) Used her celebrity status to spy for France against the Germans during World War II
4) Hid refugees and weapons at her home to help with the war effort
5) Was awarded the "Croix de Guerre" and named "Chevalier of the Legion d'honneur" for her help during the war
6) Her contracts stated she would not perform for segregated audiences leaving some venues no choice but to comply
7) Had many lovers including Frida Kahlo and married composer Jo Bouillon
8) Ernest Hemingway called her the "most sensational woman ever seen or ever will be seen"
9) Notably raised a group of children from different religious and ethnic backgrounds dubbed the "Rainbow Tribe"
10) Starred in the 1935 film, "Princesse Tam-Tam"

Two women who shocked the world with their provocative dancing and dazzling entertainment.

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