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Directors Guild reports spike in hiring women and minority directors for TV

The 2016-2017 television season saw a record 38% of episodes directed by women and minorities, up 15% from the previous season (33%).

Compared to the 2015-2016 season, episodes directed by women moved up from 17% to 21%. Episodes directed by minorities moved up from 19% to 22%. Women directed 955 episodes in total, while minorities directed 1,006. The season saw an all-time high of 4,482 episodes produced.

20th Century Fox was the top studio with 45% of episodes directed by woman/minorities. Fox also had the highest percentage of minority directed episodes at 23.5%.

Netflix came dead last in almost every category, having the lowest percentage in the combined category (20.5%) and minority directed episodes (4.5%). The studio was second to last with women directed episodes (15.9%). Amazon placed first in that category (33.6%) but second-lowest with minorities (10%).

DGA President Thomas Schlamme says this report reflects some progress, but questioned whether some studios are really committed to inclusion.

Back in September, the DGA reported that hiring of first-time women and minority directors also spiked compared to the previous season. 32.4% were women (up from 24% the previous year), 24.9% were minorities (up from 15%), and 8% were female minorities (up from 3.8%).

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