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Gal Gadot GQ Interview and Today Show Appearance

Choice Quotes:

Gadot grew up in the water—gal is the Hebrew word for "wave"—and after an hour of talking on the beach, she suggests we go for a swim. A few moments later, there is Gal Gadot, in black couture leather-flower Gottex, floating in the lapis-blue Mediterranean, eyes closed, with her face turned up to the dazzling noon sun, and also, uh, me. She chose this floating spot scrupulously, picking her way around underwater rocks until there was only soft sand beneath her feet. Little fish flick silently around her body. "Tell me what you like to eat," she purrs, breaking the calm quiet of passing swells. Then she springs her observation trap: "BECAUSE I NOTICE YOU DID NOT EAT THE EGG SANDWICH THAT I BROUGHT YOU."

"When I was a girl," she says in between sips of coffee with extra sugar syrup, "I went to speech therapy because I had a rusty voice. I used to lose my voice very easily. They taught me how to breathe, 'cause I was not breathing right."
"It's funny to imagine a little kid with such a husky, sensual voice," I say.
She cocks an eyebrow and playfully lowers her voice until it is practically dragging on the ground: "Do you want to play hide and seek?" I dissolve in laughter. She leans in close to whisper in my ear. "Come find me."

Gal appeared on the Today Show and addressed the Ratner situation.

-talks about how to pronounce her name
-being pregnant while filming Justice League
-says that the decision to come out against Ratner wasn't just her but a fair amount of people involved

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Do you like egg sandwiches ontd? If Gal offered you one, would you eat it?
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