ONTD Original: Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories


All our favorites have probably been linked to one conspiracy theory or another at some point. Many of them are unbelievable but that one partial truth in the stories keeps people believing way longer than they should.

According to an old post by NPR and research from the University of Chicago, at least 50 percent of Americans believe in at least one conspiracy theory.

Lets take a look at some of the wilder pop culture conspiracy theories and you can decide for yourself if you believe.

Avril Lavigne is DEAD and was replaced by a lookalike named Melissa Vandella!


Just like her career, rumors have been swirling for years that Avril Lavigne is in fact dead. Not only dead, but replaced by a lookalike named Melissa Vandella.

Back in 2002, Avril was the Canadian punk princess and was all over the charts with hits like Complicated and Sk8er Boi.

Allegedly, as the old conspiracy theory goes, Avril decided she couldnt handle all the fame and her record label hired lookalike and best friend Melissa Vandella to pretend to be her in public for events and such. This might be believable but it goes even darker.

The "What?" part of the conspiracy theory is that allegedly Avril committed suicide in 2003 and her record label was worried about the money loss so they decided to cover up the death and continued to record and release songs using Melissa Vandella.

You can read all about the theory in a variety of places but it's harder to find information about Melissa Vandella including whether she actually exists or is a real person. None of the social media accounts that can be found for this alleged person are verified — including a Twitter account, under the very subtle handle @AvrilIsDead. There, you can find claims that she is the one who has appeared in Lavigne's videos since her supposed death. No luck finding an IMDB page for this person either.



Beyoncé faked her pregnancy

Beyoncé has always had really good control on her public image and what she wants the world to see about her. One story she couldn't control was that she had faked her pregnancy.

Back in 2011, Beyoncé famously performed at the VMA's announcing she was pregnant in her subtle Beyoncé way. There had been rumors swirling that Bey and Jay had decided to use a surrogate for her pregnancy. A week before her performance on MTV, Beyoncé performed a concert and many believed that she showed no visible signs of a pregnancy.

It was really nobody's business but things got complicated when Beyoncé had her infamous interview on Australian TV which seemed to show to some that her stomach was collapsing as she sat down. The story got so much traction that her team eventually released a statement calling the rumors "stupid, ridiculous, and false."


Beyoncé later stated in her documentary "Life Is But A Dream" that she had miscarried prior to Blue Ivy.


CHANCES OF THIS BEING TRUE? Like the elevator incident, we may never know. But honestly, the footage that aired during the On the Run tour that shows her stomach seems to have proven this wrong.

Courtney Love Killed Kurt Cobain

People, mostly hardcore fans, still believe that Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain and it seems to be the conspiracy theory that wont end. Kurt's death was officially ruled a suicide but for 20 years there have been so many murder conspiracy theories but the one that got the most traction was Courtney Love killed him.


Unlike other theories, this one seems to only grow stronger over the years thanks in part to new documentaries and new information released. Private investigator Tom Grant, who was hired by Courtney to investigate his death, claimed that Courtney had handwrote part of the singers suicide letter.

In 1998, the documentary Kurt & Courtney claimed to have found no evidence that Courtney was behind Kurt’s death but that hasn't stopped people from believing it was a murder. Everyone from Courtney to members of Nirvana have been listed as suspects online. Courtney Love is currently locked in a legal battle against conspiracy theorist Richard Lee to prevent Cobain's death scene photos from being released to the public.

CHANCES OF THIS BEING TRUE? Possible but highly likely we will ever know.

“Larry Stylinson”

People fantasize about their favorite stars being gay (its usually a 40 year old white woman in Idaho making tumblr posts about her gay fav) but the One Direction fandom took it to a whole other level. The fandom had names for their favorite man on man pairings in the group Ziall, Niam, Lirry and Nouis. The most outrageous of the group is "Larry Stylinson".


To go deep into this conspiracy, you have to really hate yourself or love conspiracy theories. I'm not sure which I am but lets proceed.

This theory goes back to 2010-2011 when One Direction was red hot and still a boy band. "Larry Stylison" was the coined name of what some Directioners claim is a secret relationship between the two members Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. Clearly this theory hasn't gone away because when you google this pairing, your receive about 2,530,000 results. To research this further, I tried Tumblr and I ran into so much fan fic and pics that I wanted to end this entire post and go home but lets keep moving I suppose.

During my research, its hard to narrow down what exactly caused this huge eruption of a dream pairing. Maybe it was Louis and Harry's close friendship in the early years of the band? While we may not know for sure how it started, its been going on for years. The fans of this pairing dissect every photo and every social media interaction to form the smallest chance that their pairing is real. There are even rumors the record label, or as many of the fans refer to them "Management," hatched an elaborate cover-up job in 2012 when the boys seemed to be aware of the rumors and started playing it down.

At one point, there were allegations that Eleanor Calder and Taylor Swift were staged to hide Larry’s true love and that Louis and his wife Briana's child was actually to be raised by Harry and Larry. Twitter had Harry and Louis trending for a bit because they were secretly married.

It gets messy real fast. There are pages of posts combing through everything from their tattoos to their body language in hopes of proving they are in a secret relationship. Some fans believe that Harry and Louis have "Hi" and "oops" tattooed on their respective bodies because those are the first words they ever said to each other. They also believe that a ship tattoo on Harry is part of a pair with a compass tattoo that Louis has on his body.

I feel like I only skimmed the surface on this one but I don't think I can keep researching this because it just feels weird.


What are you favorite conspiracy theories?


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