I Love You Daddy dropped by all overseas distributors + Reviews

Domestic distributor The Orchard dropped Louis CK's I Love You Daddy from release last week. And they have now confirmed to Deadline that all overseas distributors have dropped the film as well. Outside of its premiere at TIFF back in September, the general public will never see the film unless someone with an award screener leaks it.

Recent reviews haven't been too kind either. Writing for RogerEbert.com, critic Matt Zoller Seitz says the film "leaves the raincoat open while its owner makes eye contact and dares you deny what's happening." He calls CK a director with no moral compass and the movie like being in a situation where you are being manipulated but aren't completely sure it's happening. He gave it half a star for nice cinematography.

Matt Singer at ScreenCrush calls it the Film of 2017, in that it's the perfect summation of the toxic behavior that has brought down countless number of men all across all industries, including CK himself. Singer says even without Weinstein and the fallout since, the film would have drudged up the allegations against CK anyway since its such an obvious parallel to his real life. No score was given.

Dana Stevens at Slate, a long time fan of CK, calls this film "the other shoe" and that it's more of a series of symptoms presented for the viewers clinical consideration than an actual movie. She says it's a sad goodbye to one of her cultral crushes.