The View interviews Mary J Blige

Today the panel interviews Mary J Blige! Whoopi needs to clarify before the interview starts that Mary will continue doing music which Mary states music is her own therapy so there's no way she would give it up. Sunny asks what Mary thinks now when she listens to her debut album 'What's the 411'. They show a clip from the SNL parody where Tiffany Haddish is portraying Mary and Mary loved it. She talks about where she first met her at a cookout when she was filming 'Mudbound' and Tiffany was doing 'Girls Trip'. They discuss how her movie 'Mudbound' which is set in the rural American South during World War II is still relevant to today's climate.

Other topics
-Roy Moore's disgusting self
-Re-examining Bill Clinton's predatory behavior
-An op-ed titled "My Kids Can't Be Friends With White People"

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Can someone ID Mary's dress? i love it and need it/a good knockoff in my life. also, no mary j blige tag??