Latest Pokemon film English-speaking Pikachu, and people are not happy

  • The latest Pokemon film, Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You! is a retelling of the first few Pokemon episodes, following Pokemon Trainer Ash Ketchum as he starts his quest with his very first Pokemon, Pikachu.

  • The film takes several liberties, such as omitting Brock and Misty entirely.

  • In a scene towards the end of the film, Ash has a vision after saving Pikachu. He wakes up on the ground and asks Pikachu why it does not want to go inside its Poke Ball. Pikachu then responds using full English sentences.

  • Pikachu has never spoken anything but its own name, since its debut in the mid 1990's. While other Pokemon such as Meowth and Mewtwo speak full English, its baffled audiences around the world as to why and how Pikachu is speaking. because thats the big issue here