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More Episode Stills For Riverdale 2x06 "Death Proof"

THE SUGARMAN — Mayor McCoy cracks the fuck down on Southside High (apparently to "police state" levels according to Jughead) either because of whatever happens to Nick St. Clair or after hearing about the jingle jangle hotel party her daughter was involved in.

This leads to even worse tensions in town so newly-appointed Serpent!Jughead and Archie obviously have to borrow Reggie's car and compete in a drag race with the Ghoulies so as to prevent them from allying with the Serpents.

Betty enlists Veronica's help to crack the mystery of the Sugarman who seems to be some drug related boogeyman from Cheryl and Jason Blossom's past.

After what happened with Nick, Cheryl comes to some sort of realization and confronts her shady/crazy mom.

Directed by Maggie Kiley and written by Tessa Leigh Williams & Arabella Anderson

I just wanted to note that Reggie's mom is in this picture!

Also, both Valerie and Melody somehow got to skip this meeting even though both of them were at the jingle jangle hotel party and were the other heroes for helping to beat the shit out of Nick St. Clair.

martincummins: Betty has a few questions come Wednesday. Riverdale 8/7c on the CW and Thursday on Netflix outside of the States. #Riverdale #Riverdalestrong #sheriffkeller

And who knows when we'll get follow-up on this couple
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