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IGN staff walk out after former employee's sexual assault claims

  • Allegations emerged last week that a former editor sexually assaulted two women at IGN. One example that one of the victims, Kallie Plagge, brought up on Twitter: “‘When I was your age I could go all night.’ He put his hand on my arm. ‘I just want one more night like that.’”

  • Plagge says that she and the other woman reported the incident, and then were told to sit and work in a glass conference room, akin to a fishbowl, while IGN sorted things out. They forced them to sign documents saying it was their fault and they behaved inappropriately. As a result,Plagge said she regrets reporting to HR.

  • IGN released a statement today supposedly written by the website's content team stating, among other things: "It is with great sadness, pain, and regret that we tell you that IGN has failed two of its female employees, one former and one current – both of whom the team cares deeply about. We are devastated that two of our own have had to live with and carry this pain for more than a year........The human resources representative who oversaw this situation originally is no longer with the company, and our current HR rep has been transparent and willing to listen to ideas and suggestions for how to create a better work environment going forward........We are aware of the influence that IGN has in the gaming and entertainment community, and we will utilize that to the best of our abilities going forward. And we will continue to challenge our management and human resources teams to fix what is broken, because if we can’t or if we don’t, then IGN will no longer be a place we’re proud to call home – as content creators, entertainment consumers, and as gamers."


Disgusting that the gaming industry isnt safe for women at all. I fear men will continue to dominate the industry, which means less female representation in gaming. Hope the assaulters suffer horribly
Tags: computer / video games, scandal, sexism

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