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Celebs speak out for Ella, a gay refugee deported by the US back to the country where she was raped

Background (trigger warning for rape, torture): Ella/L (a pseudonym) was outted as a lesbian in Uganda. An angry mob tried to kill her. Then the police tortured her. Then… her own father hired a man to rape her. She got a visa and plane ticket to come to the US, where she has relatives who can take her in. But when she landed in the US, hostile US Customs agents badgered her and refused to let her speak to the lawyer. She froze up and failed to trigger her asylum claim. US authorities immediately tried to deport her back to Uganda. She managed to escape her US escorts at a layover, and has been hiding in Kenya (where homosexuality is also illegal) since. There's now a #BringEllaBack campaign to get Customs and Border Protection to reeopen her case:

Alyssa Milano tweets out Ella's own account of what happened to her (additional trigger warnings: suicide attempt, pictures of scars appended below the writing):

Young Adult author Melissa Walker tweets out Ella's lawyer's list of ways for people to help (it's a screenshot of the bottom of the article that Alyssa linked to):

Piper Perabo has been on a Twitter rampage trying to get people and organization on the case, here's one of her tweets:
Brooke Smith (she played Catherine Martin, the wily captive in Buffalo Bill's pit in Silence of the Lambs):

Rena Sofer:

Rena accepts insult from a Trumper in exchange for his help to #BringEllaBack:

Linsey Godfrey (Caroline Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful):

Sara Ramirez tweets out another article on Ella's plight:

Good news relief video: I had previously posted about the #FreeRosa campaign on ONTD. It worked! Rosa Maria, the 10-year-old with cerebral palsy who was thrown in detention by Customs and Border Protection while on her way to surgery, has been freed and reunited with her family after 11 days:

Sources: Daily Beast story, Alyssa tweet, PatriotNotPartisan article, Melissa tweet, Piper tweet, Brooke tweet, Rena tweet, Rena tweet 2, Linsey tweet, Sara tweet, NowThisNews tweet

ONTD, please spread Ella's story. And please keep in mind she is one of the many people our worsening asylum system is endangering.
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