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Mark Schwahn Accused of Sexual Harassment

Mark Schwahn, writer/creator of One Tree Hill and the Royals, has been criticised by former writers and actresses for sexual harassment.

- Audrey Wauchope and Rachel Spektor used to write for One Tree Hill, which was when the harassment took place.
- Stated that female writers were only hired for their looks.
- He would sit next to the females and massage their hair/shoulders. She stated more happened to others, but not to her and that it wasn't her story to tell.
- Nude photos of an actress he was having an affair with would be passed around without her consent.
- Didn't show up to the studios sexual harassment seminar.
- Asked Rachel if she really wanted to go through with her wedding and that 'maybe he'd have a shot'.

Sophia Bush's statement:

Shantel VanSanten's statement (taken from her instastory):

Hilarie Burton's reply:

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one tree hill meant a lot to me growing up so this is hella disappointing, but also not surprising. i think more is definitely going to come out about his behaviour.
Tags: feminism / social issues, scandal, sexism, sophia bush, television

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