krystal (burntxtoashes) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Another Jesse Lacey Victim Comes Forward

Another victim, Lawren Byrne, has come forward with a blog post with further allegations of Jesse Lacey's emotional abuse and cheating.

- She met him in 2004 when she was 17. She was listening to Deja Entendu in her car with a friend at Montauk Point, and he was there.
- They exchanged AIM screen names and would talk on there, but only in secret and he would send her items of clothing he wanted to see on her. They would only meet up late at night, and he would never respond if she contacted him first.
- Says she felt like she was in a relationship with him for the seven years they were in contact, but states that she later realises he was manipulating her. Compares it to Penny Lane in Almost Famous.
- Says that he would ask her do things online that seemed odd.
- The last time she had contact with him was 2010, when he admitted he cheated on his girlfriend at the time with her, and how ~guilty he felt.
- Wishes him growth and healing, but is unhappy with his apology to the women he has hurt.

Tags: feminism / social issues, music / musician (alternative and indie), scandal, sexism
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