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Celebs tweet about Operation DREAM Act Now!

Today, United We Dream, the largest national group run by DREAMers (text DreamActNow to 877-877 to get their alerts), organized walkouts and rallies all over the US to demand that congress stop dragging their feet and pass a clean DREAM Act! I was part of a group of about 800 people who took over the Hart Senate Building in DC and chanted until the whole place shook. We shut that place down for a solid half hour. Then some particularly brave souls kept chanting even after security came and they were arrested as a planned civil disobedience. It was a transcendent experience.

My videos of the Senate building takeover, video 1 shows you how quiet it is normally when we were doing our silent protest:

Then like Jenny from the Block we got loud!

Celebrities took note and helped amplify our voices!

Let OG Sulu tell you how to help if you live in most US states, just call the number 3 times to leave your name, zip code and message:
If you live in Maine, Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania or Nevada, Kendrick Sampson (Vampire Diaries, HTGAWM) has some senators for you to target:

And if you live in the following states, Tegan and Sara has a handy tool for you:

Nash Grier has an excellent thought:

Alyssa, of course:

Piper Perabo:

Misha Collins, who's actually Kendrick's castmate (Kendrick was in 2 eps of Supernatural), echoes Kendrick's post:

MC Hammer:

Source of videos: my phone
Source: United site, George tweet, Kendrick tweet, Tegan & Sara tweet, Nash tweet, Alyssa tweet, Piper tweet, Misha tweet, Hammer tweet
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