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The View interviews ABC Chief Global Affairs coorespondent Martha Raddatz

Today on The View Martha Raddatz is interviewed and is promoting 'The Long Road Home' airing on National Geographic. TLRH is based off the book Martha wrote about the two day fight in Sadr City, Iraq during the beginning of the Iraq war. Discussed is the change of America's standing in the world and how the rest of the world views the USA now. Sunny mentions the constant flip flopping of the idiot in chief (the China flop flop is mentioned) possibly making other nations nervous. Tensions with North Korea are discussed and Trumps opinion of 'I'm not giving away my plan' is wrong b/c what happens should be debated.

Other topics
-Ellen Pompeo is interviewed
-Would watching Kevin Spacey movies after the allegations be difficult for you? (Meghan said it's a case of separating the art from the artist)
-Trumpers give him an 'A' & 'B' after a year because they are idiots (Meghan thinks it's poverty, Joy says some of it is racism which Meghan says is 'irresponsible' and can't be racism bc more black men and latino men voted for Trump than her father)
-Country Music Awards gets political

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