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Variety Announces Seventh Season of ‘Actors on Actors’ on PBS

The seventh season of Variety's Actors on Actors will air from Jan. 2 to Jan. 4 at 7 p.m. on PBS SoCal KOCE.

The pairings include:

- Jake Gyllenhaal (“Stronger”) with Margot Robbie (“I, Tonya”)
- Gary Oldman (“Darkest Hour”) with Winslet (“Wonder Wheel”)
- Sam Rockwell (“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”) with Allison Janney (“I, Tonya”)
- Mary J. Blige (“Mudbound”) with Salma Hayek (“Beatriz at Dinner”)
- Timothée Chalamet (“Call Me by Your Name”) with Daniel Kaluuya (“Get Out”)
- James Franco (“The Disaster Artist”) with Dustin Hoffman (“The Meyerowitz Stories”)
- Saoirse Ronan (“Lady Bird”) with Kristen Wiig (“Downsizing,” “mother!”)
- Jessica Chastain (“Molly’s Game”) with Holly Hunter (“The Big Sick”)
- Gal Gadot (“Wonder Woman”) with Kumail Nanjiani (“The Big Sick”)
- Diane Kruger (“In The Fade”) with Hong Chau (“Downsizing”)
- Hugh Jackman (“Logan”) with Willem Dafoe (“The Florida Project”)
- Adam Sandler (“The Meyerowitz Stories”) with Laurie Metcalf (“Lady Bird”)
- Robert Pattinson (“Good Time”) with Jamie Bell (“Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool”)

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