Taylor Swift Steals a Line from Hilary Duff in "Getaway Car": An ONTD Original Investigation

Did Taylor Swift rip off Hilary Duff lyrics on her latest album? Our investigation sure points towards "yes"! On her latest album, which leaked this afternoon (we will NOT be posting links, hi Team Taylor!), there is a song called "Getaway Car" which features the lyrics "X marks the spot where we fell apart"... the exact same line from "Breathe In. Breathe Out" by Hilary Duff!

That might seem like a coincidence, but check out this tumblr post from 2015 (since deleted in the Taylor Swift promotional social media purge '17)

Hilary didn't pen the song, but do you think the writers Matthew Korma (Hilary's boyfriend) & Dan Book deserve credits?

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Source 3: My friend with a leak

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