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Celebs celebrate various US election results from Tuesday

Last night's election in the US saw all kinds of ground being broken: for black people, for black women, for trans women, for black trans women, for Sikh, for refugees… Celebrities had all kinds of reactions, here's a sample:

Edited to add, resister extraordinaire Alyssa comes through again with the ultimate tweet:

Last night, Danica Roem, an openly trans woman, defeated transphobe and long time incumbent state delegate Bob Marshall in the most wonderful upset. A lot of celebs tweeted about it but I'mma go with this one 'cause it's pretty definitive:
Andrea Jenkins becomes the first openly trans woman of color to win a US election as she wins a seat on the Minneapolis city council (she joins trans black man Phillipe Cunningham who was also elected to the same council):

New Jersey elects its first Sikh mayor, Ravi Bhalla! America Ferrera helped:

Larry Krasner, a lawyer for Black Lives Matters organizations, who has repeatedly sued police departments for brutality, won the election to become Philadelphia's district attourney. Jon Cryer has thoughts:
Maine voted for Medicaid expansion so more people can get healthcare! Gov. Paul LePage is already trying to sabotage the win, but Alyssa Milano is on it:

A big ol' blue wave upset a whole bunch of Republican incumbents in the House of Delegates to put the majority within the Democrats' reach:

Kal Penn sums it all up:

Sources: Alyssa tweet, Gus Tweet, Laverne tweet, America tweet, Jon tweet, Alyssa tweet 2, Ava tweet, Kal tweet

ONTD, which election results were you most excited about? Which do you think should get more attention? There are actually tons of other firsts I couldn't find any celeb tweets about, or I'd have featured them, too, like Wilmot Collins, a refugee from Liberia who won the election for mayor in Helena, Montana. Or Kathy Tran, a Vietnamese refugee who is now the first Asian-American woman to join Virginia's House of Delegates. There are even more!
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