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The View Special Report: Sunny visits Puerto Rico 2 months after Maria

Today on The View, we follow Sunny as she goes to Puerto Rico after the devastation of hurricane Maria. Sunny visits the home of a woman named Blanca and shows us the destruction of Blanca's home. We also get to see a letter from FEMA that states Blanca is eligible for $500 lousy dollars for the damages her home as incurred. We visit a town that was joined by a concrete bridge that was completely wiped away. However, we do see signs of some hope as people work together on the island for survival. Someone rigged a funnel to transport fresh water down from the island that can be used after boiling. Another group of people rigged a shopping cart and pulley system to transport goods across the area that once had the bridge connecting the two parts of the island.

These videos made me cry. The devastation is unbelievable and this footage is really hard to watch.

Other topics include:
-Diversity winning on election night
-Democrats winning big on election night
-The hosts of The Chew visit
-Is co-sleeping with your kids a bad idea

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