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Eurovision 2018: what we know so far

Eurovision is happening on May 8th, 10th and 12th, at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, Portugal.

This is the official logo and slogan, released yesterday:

According to the creative director of RTP, Gonçalo Madaíl, "for centuries, Portugal explored the world by sea. Today, Lisbon is more and more the city of all colors, a great harbour of cultures and sounds that welcomes you all to come aboard!". Here are some variations:

42 countries are confirmed this year. Russia is back after being banned from this year's contest. F.Y.R. Macedonia is not taking part of Eurovision 2018 due to the broadcaster's - Macedonian Radio Television (MRT) - debts, which is over 500,000 euros. #JusticeforDanceAlone

While we have no songs released yet, two countries already announced who will represent them.

From Belgium, it's Laura Groeseneken!

She has worked in 007 In Concert, a franchise celebrating the 50th anniversary of James Bond franchise. As a solo singer, she works under the name Sennek. Here is one of her live performances:

From Finland, it's Saara Aalto!

She was runner up in... a lot of things. In the finnish contest to choose its entry for Eurovision in 2011 and 2016. In The Voice of Finland in 2012 and in The X Factor UK in 2016. Here is one of the songs she sung in TXF finals:

From Azerbaijan, it's AISEL!

She has performed in a lot of jazz festivals, like Baku International Jazz Festival and Montreux Jazz Festival. Here is one of her most recent songs:

While other countries hasn't announced their representatives, there are rumors going on, like Sharon den Adel (singer of Within Temptation) representing The Netherlands

and the final 5 songs competing to represent Greece next year

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Tags: european celebrities, eurovision, x factor (uk / international)

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