Team Taylor Swift is Sending Copyright Takedowns For Posting Album Artwork!

Fresh off her freedom of speech scandal / feud with the ACLU, Taylor Swift continues to threaten litigation like the Republican American that she is! Has it Leaked, the website that simply reports leaks but doesn't post links, has shown the amount of album cover infringement threats that have been sent out on Twitter via BMR.

She eventually posted the tracklist herself, only after getting a bunch of nobodies banned.

BUT as a major "fuck you" to her bullshit, here are the tone-deaf leaked BACK covers of her reputation magazine, simulating magazine covers that she and her wonderbread scandals were barely on in the first place! Also, there are some more cat jokes, because that hasn't gotten old!

UPDATE: The original photo links were removed, but here they are again, found on a different image host. Team Taylor, I will continue to find links and update this post with the exact same images every time you report them for copyright infringement. I would like to point out that Taylor has frequently posted photos of album covers on her social media, so if you wanna continue to show your hypocrisy, be my fucking guest :D!

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