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Celebs tweet about US election day

Background: Today is general election in the US! While there are some higher profile races like the governor's race in Virginia, there are elections everywhere almost everywhere and they all matter! Reminder: as long as you're in line before polling closes, you can still vote even if the official "polls closed" time already passed! Also, if you voted, say you did on social media, research shows that makes people around you more likely to vote!

Chrissy Teigen's husband:

Alyssa Milano:

The good sis also highlighted one of the more interesting local races:

George Takei has a specific idea on who he wants people to vote for:

It seems Mark Ruffalo may have the same idea:

Lin-Manuel Miranda voted ahead of time, by mail:

Patton Oswalt would like you to take drugs (caffeine is a drug!) before you vote:

John Leguizamo voted and hopes you did too:
Tony Goldwyn the eyebrow-free president from Scandal:

Sources: John tweet, Alyssa tweet 1, Alyssa tweet 2, George tweet, Mark tweet, Lin-Manuel tweet, Patton tweet, the other John tweet, Tony tweet

ONTD, did you vote yet? If you didn't, what's the plan? If you did, how did it go?
Tags: black celebrities, celebrity social media, chrissy teigen / john legend, latino celebrities, lgbtq / rights, lin-manuel miranda / hamilton, mark ruffalo, politics
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