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Red Ranger Dacre Montgomery's Wild, Shirtless, G-String'd Audition Tape for ‘Stranger Things 2’

Budget Zefron, Dacre Montgomery, was so committed to playing the role of Billy on the second season of Netflix's Stranger Things, that he sent in a wild audition tape.

"I just kind of wanted to make a bit of a splash with the Duffers, because I assumed they would be getting so many tapes," the Red Ranger spills to @GQ.

"So I got up, kinda went crazy, shaved all my hair off around my face except for my mustache," he continues. "And then rang two friends who are still studying at the acting university that I went to here in Perth. Then during the day I made everything else happen—the dancing and the rest, going out in the G-string and just playing around with it, and putting it together on iMovie and doing all that sort of stuff. And then my two friends came around in the evening, and they had no idea."

Peep the tape for yourself @ [can't embed :(].

Speaking of Dacre Zefron, Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard appeared on Jimmy Fallon and let it slip that the only reason he plays basketball is because of the IRL Disney Prince's portrayal of Troy Bolton in HSM.

Sources: @GQ. @Zefron. Twitter.

Did he just steal another gig out from under Zachary? #ZefronRanger

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