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Finn Wolfhard politely declines a fan pic and Drama ensues with entitled fan

-Updated (He put his twitter on private for a bit, and now is bashing on Finn like wtf dude?) I hope Finn is well, and isn't bothered by this.
-As Finn was walking out of his car, a fan who is a 21 supposedly but lets be real he looks 30 plus year old man who got upset with Finn who politely said "Hi" as he couldn't take a pic
-Fan got super pissed that Finn declined his picture with him, posted the video on twitter and immediately got backlash for it
-Finn's brother has been liking some tweets that state that FInn is a 14 year old child who doesn't owe anyone a fan request every time and etc.

-Zelda Williams was one of the tweets that his brother liked on Twitter

-His costar Noah Schnapp defends him, like can't believe that kids can't be their age smh :(

-Shannon Purser also defends him too

Source #1:https://twitter.com/rottenversace/status/926883050297757697
Source #2:https://twitter.com/zeldawilliams/status/926956284464709632
Source #3:https://twitter.com/noah_schnapp/status/927002825133051905
Source #4:https://twitter.com/shannonpurser/status/926928218191466496
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Source #6: https://twitter.com/SophieT/status/927685259751288832

-I feel so bad for both him and Millie from the reactions they get from older fans, it isn't ok behavior whatsoever.
Tags: #1, #6, fandom / stan culture, stranger things (netflix)

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