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Star Trek Discovery at Lucca Comics & Game Heroes 2017

Sonequa Martin-Green, Jason Isaacs, Shazad Latif and producer Aaron Harberts beamed down to the Italian event to promote Star Trek: Discovery.

Panel highlights:[nothing spoilery]

  • It's Sonequa's first time in Italy and she loves it so much she wants to move there

  • Isaacs says they gave him a 700 page Federation manual to prepare the character but he said, "I'm not reading that." Very Lorca

  • Sonequa enjoyed Enterprise for the Vulcan prescence, truly an angel with something good to say about everything

  • Isaacs compliments Sonequa for maintaining a good atmosphere on set. Says he's been a part of many franchises and seen several actors become very famous overnight, so it's important to have that camraderie to keep people from losing their heads.

  • Harberts says it was important to have a lot of dialogue in Klingon to explore and understand their culture

  • One journo asks if they were inspired by any Shakespearean characters while they were developing their own. Isaacs says absolutely, mentions Henry V, Iago, Richard III and Coriolanus, and says he's always looking for parallels in the scripts. Shazad and Sonequa answers they've studied Shakespeare, and Sonequa says she's played Mercutio!

  • Harberts says they all appreciate the fans and the fandom but it would be impossible to make everyone happy. He's not a huge fan of social media. (lol)

  • When asked about possible spin-offs everybody says it's too soon to think about it, but Harberts brings up the possibilities of Burnham and Lorca prequels (NOGODNO.gif)

They also found some time to play tourist.

apropos of nothing, have this delightful tweet as well

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