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The Great Canadian Baking Show - First Episode Ever!

Last night, The Great Canadian Baking Show (a Canadian licensing of The Great British Bake-Off) premiered with its first episode ever!

The judges are pastry chefs Rochelle Adonis (born in Québec and now runs a bakery in Perth, Australia, so that explains her accent) and Bruno Feldeisen (born in France and has worked a bit in Vancouver, so I guess that's the Canadian connection?). Hosts are Dan Levy (Canadian and son of SCTV alumnus and all-around hilarious actor Eugene Levy and creator/star on CBC's Schitt's Creek) and Julia Chan (born in the UK, so that's our British connection, raised in Hong Kong, and lives in Los Angeles, she's acted in a few Canadian TV shows including Saving Hope and Rookie Blue).

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Week 1: Cake Week
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So, ONTD, what did you all think? I think the tent is absolutely lovely! It's weird to watch this show without it being so British. The judges need to be more specific in their feedback (I can't count how many times I heard 'Well done!') and the hosts desperately need to up their pun game. (Really? No pun for Battenburg? 'Bakers, batten down your hatches, you've got 30 minutes left!' and that's just off the top of my head.) Hoping the bakers' personalities start coming out more as the show goes, as that's really what makes or breaks Bake-Off.
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