Gilles Marini: "I became a piece of meat for Hollywood executives"

  • Actor and model Gilles Marini has come forward in light of the Spacey and Weinstein claims. He says that after the Sex and the City, people would come after him.

  • He revealed he was propisitioned many times by high level executives both during and after his appearance in the Sex and the City film.

  • "I didn't see many men use the hashtag #MeToo," he added, referring to the viral hashtag used by sexual assault victims on social media. "And the reason is because it's a stigma, it's a shame, you lose your manhood. When a young man is affected by being raped, or sexually harassed, or touched... you will never hear [about it] but those people exist."


Hopefully thanks to Anthony for speaking out about Spacey, it means more men will come forward.