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Scary Story Read-along with Chilling Tales for Dαrk Nights!

A Game of Flashlight Tag


When I was ten, I played a late night game of flashlight tag with a bunch of neighborhood kids. If you don't know what flashlight tag is, it's the same as tag, but you play it in the dark, the person who's "it" gets a flashlight, and they have to yell the name of the person they see with it in order to "tag" them. It was really cloudy that night, and most people had their curtains drawn, so it was the perfect level of darkness for hiding in.

The side of the street my house was on was skirted by a broad length of woods. That was basically the boundary for our side of the game. You could run through any yard, even go across the street and run through their yards, but you weren't allowed to hide in the woods...


The Smiling Man


About five years ago I lived downtown in a major city in the US. I've always been a night person, so I would often find myself bored after my roommate, who was decidedly not a night person, went to sleep. To pass the time, I used to go for long walks and spend the time thinking.

I spent four years like that, walking alone at night, and never once had a reason to feel afraid. I always used to joke with my roommate that even the drug dealers in the city were polite. But all of that changed in just a few minutes of one evening...


The Soul Game


My name is Andrea, and I’m a single mother.

I don’t tell you this like it’s some badge of honor and I’m expecting cookies, milk, and chocolate-covered snowflakes like most of the others in my social circle would. They want your pats on the back and recognition; I just want some of your time.

I see motherhood as a burden. Necessary, yes, but still a burden. My son’s name is Jesse. He’s eleven. That’s fifth grade for the math haters.

Jesse started the fifth grade this year like any other kid would. There was a little bit of trepidation and lots of excitement. He was a happy-go-lucky sort of kid. Full of life and energy.

All that changed after he met Stan on Tuesday...


The Crawlers


I’ve never told this to anyone out of respect for my friend, Mike. It happened twenty years ago, but I think about it often. When I’m up late at night, my thoughts will drift away, and for a moment I’m a carefree kid with no worries and a wild imagination. As an adult, there are all sorts of rational answers to what transpired, but I’ve never quite latched onto one as the answer.

But even though there are a dozen possible answers to what happened to us as kids, it all started with a single question:

“Have you seen the crawlers?”

I was ten years old at the time, and no, I hadn’t seen the crawlers. I didn’t know what my friend Mike was talking about. He shoved his hands in his pockets and shifted his weight from foot to foot; he was talking faster than usual. Mike was certainly excited to tell me and our friend Tommy about the crawlers...whatever they were.

“They are creatures that only come out at night,” Mike insisted. “And they don’t come out all the time. If you see one, it will be slowly crawling through your yard. But only when it’s really dark out. They don’t want to be seen...”


The Scarecrow Corpse


As you know I am (was) in training to be a Coroner. My education was almost complete and I had been working a paid internship with a well-known medical examiner in the Washington D.C. area. All that changed a few hours ago when I was fired from the office for refusing to participate in, what I believe to be, a cover up. Even though they ‘warned me’ about ‘consequences’ for leaking any information about this case, my conscience wouldn’t be clear if I kept quiet. This is something people need to know…



Favorite creepy stories?

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